Reviews of Samsung SM-N910 Galaxy Note 4 Black with 64GB of RAM


The phone works well and we can be sure that it will work well for a long time since it been manufacturered by Samsung who is one of the best brands for smartphones in my opinion.

I have had the phone for around 2 weeks and by now I have really gotten used to the new interface compared to my old phone. It's not hard to like this phone, as there are so many good things about it. Maybe the best part is the large screen and the brightness of the screen itself. The screen adapts naturally to the surrounding lightning so if it's bright outside, the screen will automatically become brighter so whatever is on the screen becomes more visible

The battery time of Samsung SM-N910 Galaxy Note 4

The battery time of the phone is perfectly fine, even thought more would be better as always of course. I get around 2 days of battery time, no matter what I do with the phone. Of course, if I watch movies on it all day, then it will drain the battery much faster than otherwise. The phones comes with a type of quick charger which means that I can charge the battery in about 2 hours up to 80 percent of the capacity. It's a great feature to be able to charge the phone this quick.

Conclusion of Samsung SM-N910 Galaxy Note 4 usage for 2 weeks

It's not a surprise that Samsung puts out yet another great phone on the market. I have been a consumer of both Apple and Samsung phones over the years, although lately I have actually been using the chinese flag ship killer phones, which I think has a significantly higher value. For the Samsung SM-N910 Galaxy Note 4 I must say that Samsung have indeed done a good job at bringing an everyday phone to the market which is not too expensive. I really recomment it